Alan Madsen and Scott Offenbecher WIN CONROEBASS Mid-Day Madness Championship with 14.59 pounds!
October 10th, 2015    *30 teams

Place Angler 1 Angler 2 Total Wt. Prize
1 Alan Madsen Scott Offenbecher 14.59 $2,200.00
2 Charles Bebber Kris Wilson 13.49 $1,000.00
3 Rondell Joseph Mike Regan 13.25 $600.00
4 Justin Buller Jason McClure 12.95 $400.00
5 Troy Buck  Bubba Gordy 12.55 $250.00
6 Bob Keeland Isaac Tickner 12.22 $200.00
7 David Bozarth Russell Cecil 12.00 $150.00
8 Billy Carnline, Sr. Billy Carnline, Jr. 11.67 $100 gift certificate - Back Porch on the Lake
9 Kelly Moore Jeff Randolph 11.23 Walden Golf Passes
Big Bass Side Pot - 28 teams @ $20.00 each=$560.00 TOTAL SIDE POT
Place Angler 1 Angler 2 Weight Prize
BB Side Pot 1st Place  Justin Buller Jason McClure 7.46 $360.00 and Castaway Rod
BB Side Pot 2nd Place  Rondell Joseph Mike Regan 6.68 $200.00
Big Bass 3rd Place  Alan Madsen Scott Offenbecher 5.9 $50.00 gift certificate Back Porch on the Lake
Place Buyer Prize
1 Alan Madsen and Scott Offenbecher $2,750.00
2 Charles Bebber and Kris Wilson $1,720.00
3 Bo Harrell $1,370.00
4 Jeff Ford $700.00
5 Colby Bryant $340.00

Julian Clepper and Tony Murray WIN CONROEBASS Tuesday Night Tournament with 13.98 pounds!
October 6th, 2015    *28 teams
*28 teams, 27 paid (*2014 Anglers of the Year fish free!)

Place Angler 1 Angler 2 Total Wt. Prize
1 Julian Clepper Tony Murray 13.98 $1,300.00
2 Jeff Randolph Ken Robinson 13.19 $600.00
3 Terry Britton Will Britton 12.37 $350.00
4 Trea Luedke Ronnie Wagner 12.31 $200.00
5 Norman Land Travis Moore 9.84 $150.00
6 Randy Gunter Mickey Mueller 9.62 $100.00
7 - TIE Wesley Baxley Colby Bryant 8.77 Walden Golf Passes
Mark Goetzman Tyler Goetzman 8.77 Walden Golf Passes
Big Bass - TIE Terry Britton Will Britton 6.64 $50.00 Gift Certificate - Back Porch on the Lake
Jeff Randolph Ken Robinson 6.64
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*The Tuesday Championship points race is optional.  If you can't fish enough to qualify for the championship, come fish anyway!  Every Tuesday is 100% payback. 

Click here for a printable Tuesday Team version.
here for a printable Thursday Individual version.
here for a printable Mid-Day Madness version.

The Championship will consist of the top 35 teams for the season  by pounds.  To qualify for the Championship you must fish a minimum of  16 of the 28 weeks during the official season beginning April 7, 2015 and running through October 13th , 2015.  Tournaments that are cancelled will count as fished for all members.  In the event that someone cannot make the championship we will take the next qualifying angler(s).  No team from the Tuesday series that has not fished at least 16 of the weekly tournaments together will fish in the championship.   You may have a substitute fish in your partner’s spot during the regular season, as long as you fish 16 of the 28 with your partner and the person you are fishing with (substitute) is not in the points race.  The  Championship will be held on Saturday October 17, 2015 and will start at first light as determined by the director.