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Dawson Schnautz and John Jay III WIN CONROEBASS Tuesday Tournament with 13.23 pounds!
March 13, 2018
44 teams - 43 paid - 2017 Anglers of the Year fish free!
Place Angler 1 Angler 2 Total Wt. Prize
1st Dawson Schnautz John Jay III 13.23 $1,800.00
2nd Scott Peterson Robert Means 12.47 $800.00
3rd Brad Lanier n/a 11.60 $460.00
4th Evan Carlson Tim Carlson 10.60 $320.00
5th Michael Haworth Dan Pinnell 10.56 $220.00
6th Steve Billings Ken Robinson 10.30 $180.00
7th Jimmy Cole Tony King 10.11 $160.00
8th Jeff Winders Johnny Keefer 9.84 $140.00
9th Cody Finkbeiner Jason Annis 9.68 $120.00
10th Randy Gunter Mickey Mueller 9.56 $100.00
Side Pot 44 teams @ $20.00 each=$880.00 TOTAL SIDE POT
Side Pot 1st Brad Lanier n/a 8.55 $440.00
Side Pot 2nd Wes Schubert Colson Schubert 7.97 $240.00
Side Pot 3rd Dawson Schnautz John Jay III 7.69 $120.00
Side Pot 4th Gary Sanders Dalton Weirach 7.51 $80.00

American Bass Anglers Lake Conroe 2018 Ram Open Series 1st event! March 15th is when the late fee starts for online registration, but you can still register at the marina on Friday night before the event! 

All 4 of the one-day events will be held at Lakeview Marina on Lake Conroe in 2018, with a combined Area Championship on Toledo Bend at the end of the season. We host a Pro-Am format with a GUARANTEED $5000.00 first place check to the winning boater no matter how many enter! Co-Angler payout is based on the number of entries. Entry fees are $200/$100 at each event. 

First place at the 2 day championship is also GUARANTEED at $10,000.00 for the boater and $5000.00 to the winning coangler!

We also have a progressive payout. As the number of boaters increase over 100, the payout does as well. A 200 boat field would pay $11,000.00 to the winning boater, with $9500.00 available in bonus cash from our sponsors!!! That's not a typo... $11,000.00 to the winner with 200 boats for a 1 day tournament with a $200.00 entry fee.

Please go to for rules and more information. Also, be sure to check out my FB page, RAM Open Series South West for videos and photos at recent events. I hope 2018 is a great year and look forward to meeting all of you very soon!

Division 18 S-TX 2018

3-17-2018 Lake Conroe, Lakeview Marina
5-19-2018 Lake Conroe, Lakeview Marina 
6-23-2018 Lake Conroe, Lakeview Marina 
8-25-2018 Lake Conroe, Lakeview Marina
10-20/21 2018, Toledo Bend, Cypress Bend


Barry Baker and Mike Lane WIN CONROEBASS Weekend Series with 21.87 pounds!
24 teams, 23 paid - 2017 Anglers of the Year fish free! 
 March 11, 2018