Texas Hunting Report—

Texas deer hunting this year has been a bust for most hunters. There have been a few good deer taken here and there but for the most part it has been the slowest hunting I have ever seen. Most of the state has had a ton of rain and the deer are not coming to corn very well. There is too much food and the deer don’t have to go far for it. The only hope we have is the rut. The deer in East Texas are rutting in most counties and the number of deer seen is improving but not like normal years. Hopefully all the rain will rot the acorns and they will have to start moving more.  The hill country and south Texas are reporting the same. Record rainfall in some counties has slowed the movement.  I hunted Menard county and Concho counties opening weekend and most hunters reported no shots. In fact I never heard a shot opening morning. Where I hunt is as good as it gets in this county and have never heard less than twelve shots on opening morning. We know the deer grew the racks this year but they are not moving at all.  Everyone I have talked to agrees that this is the slowest season ever. The rut should start to really kick in this week. In Menard and Concho counties they usually peak about Thanksgiving each year so hopefully they will follow suite.  This may be one of those years where they don’t start to really move until the last few weeks of the season after the grass dies off and the acorns have all rotted and gone away. My family ranch near Huntsville is having the same results. I haven’t seen any rutting activity yet and they usually peak right now on our farm.  There has been lots of nighttime activity but very little activity at the feeders. I had to move all my game cameras away from the feeders this year because they are just not coming to them. Even the wheat fields on all our ranches are not producing yet. Look for all this to change later in the season.  My only hope is that it changes before the shorter season ends. If it doesn’t then look for a banner year next year for numbers anyway. The antler restrictions are in place for most of East Texas this year so be sure to check for your county before you hunt. They must be 13 inches or wider unless they have at least 1 spike horn. Lots of people are mad about the regulations but it has been proven to work. You just have to hunt a little harder. Next year will be better for these counties since there will be a lot more decent sized deer than in previous years. I feel that, after doing tons of research , the new regs will be a good thing for all hunters especially for the hunters who try to manage their land only to have the hunters next to them shoot up all the 1 and 2 year old bucks. Time will tell. Hopefully next month the report will be better but until then hunt hard. Keep your feeders full. Hope for a cold winter, less rain, and a little luck.                      


Send us your East Texas Pictures from a game cam or deer killed. We will put them online for everyone to see. Please include county name and general area of the county...north, west, central, etc. in order to help identify the better hunting areas and as general information for all hunters.   

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