Fishing Report

                                                                         Fishing January 2013

Deer season is ending and fishing season is beginning. Time to re-spool those reels and sharpen those hooks . The bass in Lake Conroe are fattening up and feeding heavily in preparation for the spawn. The best chance for a giant bass is now. Historically, most giant fish caught in Texas are caught in January and February. This is due to the window of opportunity between the winter feeding and the spawn.  The fish will be heaviest right before they lay their eggs. Look for these giant fish to be stationed off of main lake points in water that is 10 to 15 feet deep. Look for brush and timber away from the bank. The farther out the better. They are looking for places to ambush prey that are near drop-offs. They will stage up on the edge of the drop offs and wait for bait to swim over them. Then the attack is on. This time of year I have found that the little details make a huge difference. When you catch a good fish there will usually be more with him. One important detail is the exact spot where the fish was when you hooked him. I am not talking about the area I mean the exact spot. When you hook a fish he creates a massive disturbance in the water. While he is splashing and swimming all around the other fish can see and feel the excitement. Since bass are naturally curious predators they will come over and have a look to see if there is a feeding opportunity. Your best chance to get a frenzy going is to immediately cast right back to the same spot. Any of the curious fish will seize a chance for an easy meal. I will always have another rod ready and as soon as I land one fish I am firing bait. Even if it takes me extra time to handle the fish I caught I feel that it is better to have a bait out there dead sticking than to have nothing in the water. Many times there is another fish on the line as soon as I get back to fish. There is one drawback to this method that I re-learned last week. Always remember to push your button on your reel before setting down your rod because you will be surprised how strong these fish are. I caught a four pounder and immediately casted and set the rod down. While I was taking my jig out of the net I heard the dreaded crack-splash. While I watched my $200 American Rodsmith rod shoot out into the water I couldn’t believe that that giant fish could rip my rod away so fast. Then about 30 seconds later I see this 2 pounder jumping all around a stump nearby. I went over to investigate and found that the fish was hooked and wrapped around the stump. I took a DD-22 crankbait and casted several times next to the stump and hooked my line . The fish got away but I got my favorite rod back. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. If that wouldn’t have happened I would just be telling fish stories about the giant that took my rod. I guess fishermen aren’t really liars we just have big imaginations. This month’s best baits should be Carolina Rigs and Deep diving crank-baits when the water is cooling. When we get warm sunny days the fish will pull up to the shallows where the water is warmer and then the best baits should be slow rolled spinner baits, flukes, shallow diving crank-baits, Rattle Traps, and swim baits. Good Luck and be safe out there that water is deadly cold and will stay that way for a while.  Special thanks to all our sponsors...American Rodsmiths...Conroe Carpets... Katy Steam Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage ... Walden Golf Club...Hebert Financial… Lake Conroe Realty… and CONROEBASS.COM.